Andaman & Nicobar Islands Surf Forecast

Little Andaman Island Surf Spots & Forecast

Kumari Point - Surf Forecast & Information

This is probably the crown Jewel of Little Andaman Island Surf Spots. Being an exposed point break, this spot has some of the world's best waves. The waves are very consistent during the seasons.

Fortunately, even though the surf is great here, you won’t find a huge lineup for the waves. This spot isn’t accessible very easily. One can go here during low tide on a motorbike. Other than that, a boat is pretty much the only option.

Jackson Creek - Surf Forecast & Information

Jackson creek in Little Andaman is a very sheltered reef break that has pretty consistent surf. This spot can be accessed only via boat. Beautiful right-handers and clear waters with very few people to share the waves with, this also makes to our one of the favorite lists.

Tochangeou - Surf Forecast & Information

Tochangeou in Little Andaman is an exposed reef break that has quite consistent surf. The surf tends to be best in the spring. This spot can be accessible only via boat.

Butlers Bay - Surf Forecast & Information

Yet another amazing point break you can find in Little Andaman Island is Butlers Bay. Clearwater with awesome waves provides the best opportunity for high-tide surfing. These waves are suitable for experienced or intermediate surfers. The waves are fast, powerful, and quite shallow.

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Lighthouse - Surf Forecast & Information

There are few spots around the Little Andaman lighthouse. You have 3-4 surf breaks to choose from. Consistent waves with not many surfers around and different breaks to choose from, your surf session here could be a wholesome one.

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Great Nicobar Island Surf Forecast

Indica Pipe - Surf Forecast & Information

One of the best spots we have found in the Great Nicobar Islands. This surf spot has amazing fast lefts and the best time is when the tide is going low-high.

The waves hold up really well at 1-2 all the way through 10-15 feet. This is an unexplored spot and quite exclusive to A&N Surf Academy.

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Indira Point - Surf Forecast & Information

There are 3-4 surf breaks to choose from at this point near the Lighthouse in Great Nicobar Island. It’s a beautiful point break with consistent waves and clear water.

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Swamis Right - Surf Forecast & Information

During our surf expedition, we found several surf spots that are well hidden. This is one such point break with amazing clean right-hander waves.

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Caution - You need to watch out for Sharks and sea crocs in some of these spots. Several sharks and sea crocs have been spotted by locals and surfers.

This is why we would recommend you go out with us, and we will make sure to take you to the right places and make sure that you are safe.