Surf Shop

Buy India's Own Surf Clothing, Surf Gear & Apparel at A&N Surf Academy.

We have our own in-house brand called ThunderMonkey Surf Gear that deals with all surf & water sports-related apparel and equipment. The brand was born out of a simple idea of creating quality surf and adventure water sports apparel and accessories for the growing community in India.

After being in the surf industry for a good 20 years and learning everything there is about surfing and water sports, we came up with the 'best in the industry' surf clothing, accessories, and much more. We are also proud that our products are designed & made in India by adopting the “Make in India” initiative.

If you are not sure of what to buy or wear before you come here to learn surfing, don't worry. We have a surf shop right here. You can buy Surf Rashguards, Surf tees, boardshorts, sunscreen, and more.

Hang on, there's more!

We also sell Surfboards, Kayaks, SUP Boards, and more. We deal with premium surf brands like NSP, Firewire, etc.

If you are looking for a good surfboard to travel with or kayaks, drop us a message and we can help you out.

And while you are here, check out our Online Surf Shop as well.